Hyperhidrosis- excessive sweating, is a common problem, for many people there are products that can be useful to help treat this, but if all else fails there is another treatment option. 


The underarms are the most common area that sweating is problematic, this condition affects both men and women. Using a very fine needle small quantities of anti wrinkle product (Botulinum Toxin A) are injected into 15-20 places spread evenly across the armpit so that as many sweat glands as possible are blocked. The product works by blocking nerve transmissions that stimulate the sweat glands resulting in reduced sweating. 


Although relatively painless, a local anaesthetic cream can be applied before treatment to reduce discomfort if required. As with any injections there may be some side effects, however these are uncommon, they include swelling, redness, tenderness and bruising at the injection site, headaches or mild flu like symptoms. 

You should notice a reduction in sweating within 2 weeks and the effects usually last 7 to 12 months, although it should be noted it will not stop sweating completely. 



In preparation for your appointment the area should be shaved 48 hours before and you should attend the appointment in a suitable top allowing access to your armpits. 

Following treatment you can resume normal life however we do ask that you follow the below advice for aftercare:


For 4 hours after treatment: 

Stay upright, do not bend over and avoid physical exercise. 

Do not take vitamin E, aspirin take NSAID (anti inflammatories) or consume alcohol.


For 24 hours after treatment:

Do not rub or massage the area.


For 48hours after treatment: 

Do not travel by plane. 


For 2 weeks following treatment:

Avoid Electrolysis, laser or any electrical treatments.